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GB Energy is a UK-based company that supplies electricity and gas to small businesses and homes across the UK. Since its founding in January 2015 the company has experienced fast growth thanks in large part to the relatively low prices it charges for its energy supplies. In 2016, the company entered into partnership with Cooperative Energy through which it now provides most of its energy services. Like any other energy provider, the company receives various complaints from its customers touching on various aspects of its business operations. Here is a look at some of the most common complaints and queries that some of its customers usually have and the various means the company has set up to make sure that customers with complaints reach it fast and conveniently.

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If you would prefer to call GB Energy, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

GB Energy customer services0800 644 4451

Common Customer Complaints to GB Energy

Given its size and the kind of business GB Energy is involved in, it is not surprising to find customers with various complaints regarding its services. Some of the complaints are serious while some are relatively minor. Here is a look at some of the common complaints that the company usually receives from its customers.

Incorrect billing from GB Energy

Some customers have complained about receiving bills which indicated that they consumed much more energy than they actually used. There are various reasons why such a mistake might happen. The most common one is incorrect meter reading. Since the bills are prepared using meter readings, any mistake in their reading is reflected in the billing.


GB Energy automatically charges customers using their debit card details. Some customers have complained about the company charging them more than what they are supposed to be charged as indicated on their bills. Fortunately, the company usually refunds customers any time it is brought to their attention that there was an overcharge.

Delays in refunding GB Energy bills

As explained above, any time the company overcharges a customer it usually refunds them the amount that was overcharged as soon as possible. However, there are cases where customers have experienced delays in receiving their refunds even after notifying the company. Reasons for such delays are not very clear but there are customers who have complained of waiting for weeks and even months before they were refunded the amounts they were overcharged.

Changing tariffs without notifying customers

GB Energy has various tariffs for its customers. As noted in the introduction, its tariffs are among the cheapest in the UK. However, once in a while the company revises its tariffs. Some tariffs are done away with while others are introduced. If a tariff is revised upwards and this information is not immediately communicated to customers, they can be shocked when they receive a bill that is significantly higher than the one they are used to. Unfortunately, this is what happens sometimes. There are customers who have complained of only knowing of tariff changes when receiving their payment bills.

Contacting GB Energy

Whether serious or not, GB Energy takes customer complaints about its services very seriously and has taken steps to make sure that customers are able to reach it fast and conveniently any time they have a complaint to lodge with them. Here is a look at some of the means customers can use to reach the company any time they have a problem that they need addressed.

Phone calls to GB Energy

Making a phone call is perhaps the fastest and the most convenient way of contacting GB Energy in case you have a problem. Their customer service number is 0800 6444 451. Their business hours are between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Any call made outside these hours will not receive a reply. To serve as a remind, all calls made to the company are recorded and put in the file of the customer making the call. The company also has an app you can download on your Android or iphone. Using the app, you can also make a call to the company to lodge a complaint. Like the normal phone call, the call will be automatically recorded and kept in your file to help the company better serve you.

Letters - contacting GB Energy via post

If you prefer writing to making phone calls or when your problem is not very urgent, you have the option of writing to the company via their address GB Energy Supply Ltd, 842-844 Garstang Road, Broughton, Preston, PR3 5AA. When writing to them make sure that you provide your contacts so that the company won't have difficulties reaching you. GB Energy endevours to answer back written letters as soon as possible. At most, they take 10 working days to make a reply. If you don't receive any reply within 8 weeks of your writing to the company, you can either contact them again, preferably using a different method or contact the Ombudsman Services: Energy by calling them on 0330 440 1624 or via their website at The Ombudsman is an independent entity that handles complaints between businesses and their customers if the business is found to be unresponsive or if the customer is not satisfied with the manner in which their problem was handled.

Social media - tweeting GB Energy 

GB Energy is also active on social media. You can, therefore, lodge a complaint with them on their twitter account or their Facebook page Responses to complaints made on their social media sites are often faster than those lodged using other means such as letters.

GB Energy's speedy growth in just two years can be attributed to various competitive advantages it has over its rivals. Low prices is perhaps the most obvious one. Who wouldn't want to get their electricity and gas supplies cheaply? However, that is not the only selling point of GB Energy. The company also prides itself for its excellent customer care services where courtesy and speedy response to customer queries and complaints are prized. Like any business, there will always be complaints from customers about various aspects of its business operations. However, with superb customer care services the company ensures that customer problems are dealt with appropriately and fast.

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